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Reliable Back Pain Relief in Kittanning, PA

Dr. Barrett of True Wellness Chiropractic Center in Kittanning, PA, has helped dozens of patients with back pain, neck pain, and headache relief. We will gladly help you find pain relief too! Read just a few testimonials below and we guarantee you’ll decide to put pain behind you and realign your life.

"I had two knee replacement surgeries on my right knee, one six years ago and one five years ago. Ever since the surgeries I had very little motion in my knee and found it difficult to do many day to day activities. Since beginning treatment with Dr. Barrett, I now have more motion in my knee. I am able to do many things that were nearly impossible before, such as going shopping or walking up stairs."     - S.Y.

"I had suffered with migraine headaches for many years with little relief. Once I started to receive chiropractic treatment with Dr. Barrett, the headaches have decreased in volume and intensity. In fact, I rarely get them anymore."     - D.M.

"I used to go to the chiropractor about once every six weeks or so, but could not go more often due to cost. However, Dr. Barrett's unique payment system makes care affordable and I've been able to go for treatment three times a week, which is very helpful due to my strenuous job."    - M.L.

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Whether you need to come in for a wellness visit or a chiropractic adjustment after a trauma or injury, True Wellness Chiropractic Center is here for you. Give us a call now and let’s talk.